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What is a Zilwa…


Visualize this… You, dressed in shorts and tank top, walking on the beach, the setting sun glowing on your skin.

Basically, a Zilwa is this kind of easy-living islander, like that casual Mauritian who loves his Manchester United vs Liverpool derby, while indulging into eating flavory “gato-pima” and drinking tasty “dilo koko”. That could indeed be the best definition ever of the so-called Zilwa, but there’s much more to it… So much more!

The Zilwa have their own customs and habits that make them unique and memorable to the face of the world. Besides his simple way of life, The Zilwa has a spirit, something that can only be displayed in the field of action, wherever lies a challenge. He is a survivor; a resilient fighter who boasts pride and honor while smiling off from his white teeth array.

This righteous attitude of the Zilwa makes him or her, the perfect combatant when it comes to overcoming obstacles, transcending barriers and finishing race tracks that have bad-ass reputation.

The Zilwa and Island Warriors

Well, let us continue with our wandering imagination and think of the Zilwa in postures and situations that stand off as unsurmountable challenges. Imagine a 10-km muddy fun track, with tire hills, spider webs, fire crossings that get the warrior within that Zilwa out of his or her comfort zone. Running to finish being the only leitmotiv, regardless of the most slippery surfaces, the funniest and the kinkiest barriers.

Can you feel the warrior within? Can you figure out the hilarious ambiance? Funny painted faces, mud-stained tops and shorts, smiles and laughs. In his thrill for adventure, the Island Warrior, incorporates such activities that make him or her look like the best mountain climber or a bandana-wearing cross-country champion, while laughing about his or her mishaps. A whole new sense of accomplishment.

That10km of fun running, is what we call “Le Tracé des Zilwa” which literally means The Zilwa’s Track.

What is le tracé des zilwas

10km of fun run with 18 scattered obstacles ranging from basic spider web to fire crossings through that mind-bogging labyrinth. On that track, what could seem to be hard, tends to become a thrilling adventure where one wants to exceeds his or her inner self. This builds up to become an incredible experience that will definitely be engraved in one’s memory.

Le Tracé des Zilwas is also about unity. In fact, The Island Warriors spirit commands mutual aid. Wherever, there’s an insurmountable challenge, a Zilwa expects a little help their friends and will have it.

The ultimate goal of a Zilwa’s participation at Island Warriors is to test and instill mental and physical resilience. The Zilwa loves to be taken out of his comfort zone facing challenges. He likes to feel that somehow he or she has achieved something to be remembered… to be proud of. As a matter of fact, through the Island Warriors adventure The Zilwa, will be happy to have lived a day filled with laughter, fun and so much more…

And at the end, will come the rewards, exclusive spa sessions, out-of-this-world food treats and other goodies that stand to the height of the day’s exploits.

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