How to participate…

The Island Warriors Reboot & Run Series are virtual competitions where the community of Mauritian runners is invited to take up mileage challenges on Mauritian roads, during defined periods. These virtual competitions appeal to the regularity and honor of the participants, who will be responsible for uploading their results themselves.

The objective is to accumulate the distances covered during each of the participants' outings to reach the total set by the challenge. These will be validated, while taking into account the times achieved, thanks to a common application. At the end of each race, all one has to do is enter the time achieved and the distance covered in the form and upload a screenshot of the Runkeeper application.

The following three challenges will be in the spotlight:

·         300 km to be run solo, in 30 days

·         1,000 km to be run in solo, in 60 days

·         10,000 km to be completed in teams of 10 maximum (3 minimum), in 60 days

The compiled results will determine the winners in each category, based on the following criteria, in order:

1.       The total distance traveled during the allotted period

2.       The cumulative time during the challenge period

3.       The total number of outings and runs

4.       The number of posts on the Island Warriors Facebook group from the participant's results area  

Who can participate?

The Reboot & Run Series events are open to any person above 16, with the express condition of being physically fit at the time of the Virtual Challenges.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Island Warriors Reboot & Run Series must be the owner of a smartphone which will be used to validate the episodes of the challenge. They must have access to an internet connection before, during and after each outing carried out as part of the competition.

The participant will have to download the Runkeeper application which will serve as the universal and official "timer" of the virtual competition. The participant must launch the Runkeeper application before each outing, run with his smartphone so that it records the route, stop the application at the end of the route and upload the results, a Runkeeper screenshot and photos to be shared.

The participant will be responsible for uploading the results displayed by Runkeeper at the end of each of his/ her runs.

Each participant will receive a digital version of their personalized bib to be printed on a landscpae A4 media. He / she must wear two laminated copies (pinned one in front, the other on the back) during each of his outings. 


To register, the participant must go to the site or on the ROAG Sports Events Administration platform and fill in the mandatory fields of the form. The participant will have to pay the registration fees relating to the chosen race. Although not compulsory, the participant will be invited to make a donation to the NGO chosen by the organizers.  

Each registration automatically entitles the holder to the following:

·         A digital bib (Virtual BIB) sent by email at registration

·         A commemorative medal awarded at the end of the competition

·         A certificate of completion with validated distance and time awarded at the end of the competition

Registration fees

The registration fees per participation are as follows:

  • MUR 650 for the 300km solo over 30 days
  • MUR 850 for the 1000km solo over 60 days
  • MUR 550 per person for the 10,000km team over 60 days

Registration validation

Registration is validated when the participant replies in the affirmative to the confirmation email sent via the Island Warriors site. At the same time, the participant will have to send a screenshot proving that he / she has downloaded and installed the Runkeeper application. Without these elements, the registration will be considered incomplete.
If after two reminders, the participant does not complete his registration, it will be considered terminated and will be labeled DNS (Did Not Start).
Upon validation, the participant will receive the digital version of his bib. It is advisable to share it on social networks, in particular on the Island Warriors Facebook group.

The Race and the Outings

All participants must wear their competition bib during each of their outings. This must be the same as the one received during validation. It will suffice to print two copies in color, laminate them and pin them one on the front and the other on the back.

The number and duration of outings to complete the mileage challenges remain at the discretion of the participant. This one must make sure to launch the Runkeeper application at the start, and its stop at the end, of its course. At the end of each outing, he / she must also make sure to download a screenshot of the application as well as the recording of the time achieved in the results area reserved for this purpose. The address will also be sent during the validation email.

Unlike traditional road races, the organizers will not be present during the participants' outings. The latter must ensure, respect the highway code as well as the current health measures governing individual sports outings. No marking or collection systems will be set up by the organizers.

It is strongly recommended to share photos of yourself during your outings on the competition's Facebook group. The number of shares on the Facebook group from the results space is an important criterion in the final count. This will above all, make it possible to decide between the participants in the event of a tie.

The holding of the competition remains subject to current health provisions. In the case of national confinement, the competition will be suspended until the lifting of said confinement and will resume where it left off, while taking into account the income statement at the time of the suspension. Any download during containment will not be taken into account.

The prizes

Various prizes will be awarded to the best in each kilometer challenge. These prizes will be awarded on the basis of the challenge completed, the time taken to complete the challenge, the number of outings to complete the challenge and the number of shares made from the participant's results space. The prices are as follows:

·         Best 300km - Rs 5,000

·         Best 1000km - Rs 10,000

·         Best 10,000km - Rs 25,000

·         Best Female 300km - Rs 4,000

·         Best Female 1000km - Rs 6,000

·         Best +40 300km - Rs 4,000

·         Best +40 1000km - Rs 6,000

·         Best Social - Sponsors' Prize (Minimum value of Rs 4,000)

The prizes to the winners, as well as a certificate of completion and a commemorative medal to all those who have completed their challenge, will be presented by personalities from the sports world, the press and business, during an official ceremony to be held at the end of the competition. The exact date and location will only be communicated to participants who have completed their challenge. It should normally be held within 14 days of the end of the virtual competition. 

Island Warriors Sports Event cares about the rules. The holding of the official ceremony is subject to national health provisions and the award ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the authorities allow it.
In the event of an impromptu lockdown, Island Warriors Sports Events will organize a virtual version of the ceremony and arrange to send the prizes to the various winners.