Island Warriors Virtual Challenges



From June 01 to August 01, 2021, take up one of the three challenges offered and win prizes!

Island Warriors Sports Events, is hosting a series of virtual races as part of its 2021 REBOOT & RUN SERIES, instead of its traditional events.

This virtual 100 % edition is a leisure-related event, organized with the objective of resetting sports competitions, in Mauritius, as part of the exit from the national confinement put in place due to COVID 19. The event also boasts a solidarity action which should make it possible to raise as much funds as possible to finance the operation of a national association (NGO style) chosen by the Organizers.


Organizers - Island Warriors Sport Event, company duly registered in Mauritius

Sponsor - Company or brand, registered in Mauritius or elsewhere, which is associated with the event set up by the Organizers, by participation in cash or in kind.

NGO - Non-Governmental Organization duly registered in Mauritius according to the laws in force.

Article 1 - The test

The organizers invite the Mauritians to participate in a virtual competition. The goal is to run, everywhere across Mauritius, when desired, between June 01 and August 01, 2021, over a distance chosen during registration. The main challenge is to complete a number of kilometers in the allotted time, called the kilometer challenge.

Date:                     June 01 - August 01, 2021

Registrations:        May 10 - May 31, 2021

Program: Free race - with classification and prizes for the best performances

Distances: 300km solo in 30 days, 1000km solo in 60 days, 10,000km in team in 60 days

The Prizes: Best 300km - Rs 5,000

                                                1,000km - Rs 10,000

                                                10,000km - Rs 25,000

                                                Female 300km - Rs 4,000

                                                Female 1,000km - Rs 6,000

                                                Veteran 300km - Rs 4,000

                                                Veteran 1,000km - Rs 6,000

                   Special Best Social - Sponsor Goodies Pack, minimum value of Rs 4,000.

Each participant completing their kilometer challenge, in addition to their virtual bib, will receive:

  • A certificate of completion mentioning distance and time
  • A commemorative medal
  • An official personalized BIB printed on Tyvek

Article 2 - Registrations

Registrations are open from May 10 at 6 a.m. until May 31, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Registrations will only be made on the platform put into service on:

Parental authorization is required for minors.

A virtual bib at registration will be downloadable.

The registration fee is:

  • MUR 650 per person for the 300km solo,
  • MUR 850 per person for the 1,000km solo and
  • MUR 550 per person for the 10,000km team.

It will be possible to optionally add a donation. This donation will be paid in full to an NGO chosen by the organizers. It will be determined as follows: Rs 0.10 x the number of kilometers for which we register.
eg If we register for the 300km, the amount of the donation = (300 x 0.10) or Rs 30.

Any commitment is firm and final and will not give rise to reimbursement in the event of non-participation.

If for any reason an entry was terminated, it would be labeled DNS (Did Not Start).

Article 3 - kms challenge

It will be proposed that the accumulation of all the distances traveled on the Mauritian roads by all the participants be sponsored by the main sponsor of the event up to Rs 0.25. per kilometer. This amount will be added to the total donations made by the participants, and at the end of the competition the amount will be officially donated by the main sponsor, during the awards ceremony.  

Article 4 - Medical certificate, Safety, Liability

No medical certificate is required. However, by registering, you agree to be in good physical shape to practice the race.

No member or organization will be physically present during this entire event. The runner will be in total autonomy and will engage his own responsibility in the event of an accident, with waiver of all recourse against Island Warriors Sports Events. It is therefore his responsibility to insure himself personally. Minors participate under the full responsibility of their parents who will take their physical capacities into account.

The runners must imperatively submit to the highway code. Island Warriors Sports Events disclaims all liability in the event of failure to comply with this obligation. In order to guarantee your safety, it is advisable to make yourself visible in all circumstances.

Article 5 - Compliance with sanitary measures

Each runner agrees to comply with health measures in accordance with government directives on the date of his race or walk which are, as a reminder:

** Keep your distance when running

** Do not join together with more than 10 people

** Have a mask available in case of crossing people.

Article 6 - Image rights

In accordance with current laws governing data management, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data. Through us, you may be required to receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you do not wish it, you just have to write to us indicating your name, first name, address.

Any runner with an assigned bib authorizes the organizers as well as their beneficiaries such as partners and media to use the fixed or audiovisual images, without financial compensation, on all media including promotional and advertising documents, worldwide and for the duration. the longest provided for by law, regulations and treaties in force, including for extensions. By registering for one of the races or walks, you agree to these rules.